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Bonjour! France is one of the most cultured and elegant places in the world – a place where old-fashioned buildings exist peacefully with sometimes controversial new structures, a place for thinkers to discuss the finer points of life at little cafés, and a place where the simple acts of cooking and eating have been made into art forms.

Paris, the “City of Light,” has many elegant and world-famous attractions. Be amazed by the beauty of Notre-Dame, the Arc d’Triomphe, and the stunning Eiffel Tower. Explore the city on foot, being sure to take note of today’s avant-garde-- thinkers and the old-fashioned little bakeries. Be sure, of course, to visit the world-famous Louvre, where such treasures as the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo are exhibited. End the day with dinner at a classy restaurant and enjoy the best of French cuisine.

Be sure not to miss the rest of France, however! The countryside and old-fashioned villages of France carry quite a bit of charm. Larger cities such as Cannes and Lyon all have many fascinating sights and visits to them can be very rewarding. As for the countryside, where many French dream of living one day, it is simply gorgeous and enjoyable to travel through.