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Courtney Burrell was born on May 20, 1995. When she was just a baby she loved books. She loved for us to read to her, especially when Natasha would read to her she would ask more and more questions about the book. Then she would want us to read it again, and again. Before she would go to sleep each night she would say her prayers.
One particular time she asked us to remember her mamaw’s canning jars; so they would not break. I thought Natasha and I would laugh until we hurt. That was so cute and it came from her heart.
When she was just beginning to talk her first word that she ever said was Toad (Natasha’s nickname). She was always a mommy’s girl. When she was learning to ride her bike, she always would say “mommy& Toad come and ride bikes with me!! Please”.
Courtney’s dog was named was Peewee. Her favorite thing to do was to hurry and go play with her cousin Whitt. They were pals, together most all the time.
When she started school she would come home and want to read her books to us; she wouldn’t give up until she got it right. At school she had a lot of friends, girls and boys both, she didn’t care.
At her young age she loved going to church and singing in the church choir. She talked about angels and about going to heaven. Everyone that met her loved her.
She loved to be around people. She loved making people feel like they were special. She would say “I love you” and she also loved to give hugs and kisses.
September 1st - We went to Dollywood splash park, there came a big wave, she saw a little girl and was afraid that she was going to get hurt or something and Courtney went and picked up the little girl and took her to her mom and dad. I would have never thought that my 6 year old would be taken from us in 15 days. We all dearly miss her. She was a great part of many people’s lives. If you needed anything she would try her best to help you to get it. It has been 20 months and we are still hurt over the loss. I don’t really think we will get over her; all I know is that it only hurts. And there isn’t a day that I don’t think about what happened on September 16, 2001. All I know is my heart will never be the same.