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  Courtney Elizabeth Burrell
May 20, 1995- September 16, 2001

I ask God to help me to make it another day without you by my side. It is not easy. Some people think that everything is going good. I am just trusting God to help me, and he has been comforting to me. I know you are in a place of happiness, joy and peace and I will be to see you soon. Until then I will forever have you in my heart. I know you are having the best birthday ever.
I’ve saved the many mementos of your life, Reminders of good times, even some strife.
I’ve framed many photos, your smile is everywhere.
I talk to you often as though you were here.
I have shared your dreams. I felt we were joined, even deep in our souls.
I am thankful for the 6 happy years we shared together. Our bond was unique, our love was strong.
I am still your mother, and you are my daughter, Though Death has separated us, it has not won.
I know that you live in the palm of God’s hand. Just a little something for you on your 8th birthday, I put you a turtle out in your flower garden, at Brush Creek School.
Forever your mommy, Yevette
Sprout, Just wanted to tell you that I love you, and miss your hugs and kisses. Mamaw Von.